Attar presents books, music and films that explore and express our spirituality.

Some work pushes the boundaries of conventional thought and practice; other work goes deeper into what we already know. Some of the work is deliberately challenging; other work is expressively calming and emotionally enveloping. There's no set formula for what makes an Attar book or album. It just needs to take readers and listeners somewhere interesting.

New Publications


IN THE GARDEN (DVD) by Ross Hill

Original compositions for solo classical guitar performed in natural bush settings by New Zealand composer/guitarist, Ross Hill. With the tranquil bush and landscape settings reflecting the music’s gentle, melodic qualities, this is a unique classical guitar performance DVD.

“Classical guitar playing at a high level. Superlative images and performance.” – Chris Lloyd. Winner NZ Music Awards 2000

“Ross Hill’s In the Garden is a tribute not just to the guitar, but also to the natural environment of Auckland. Tunes sparkle and swirl, and are perfectly complimented by the native bush and urban wilderness visual landscape.” – Karen Hunter, singer/songwriter MORE

To be published in early 2011

PUCK cover_Page_1


Puck lives in the Starways. Having no body, he gambols through the ten thousand layers of reality. Then, one day, the Gods of the Starways call Puck. They tell him that they oversee the Land of the Happy. However, word has come to them that someone in the Land of the Happy has become sad. And they command Puck discover why that is.

Puck immediately tumbles away. When he recovers himself he discovers he is in the Land of the Happy, wearing the body of a young boy, the first of many as he pursues his quest.

In a series of linked stories, Puck delights in the wonders, comedies, sorrows and joys that pepper human existence. Spinning tales that confound and surprise, playfully mixing magic with metaphysics, the fabulous with moral complexity, this is a singular contribution to world fantasy literature.



Attar Music blends world, classical, folk and jazz styles to create albums that are musically stimulating, but that the listener has to slow down to catch up with.

sun moon stars rain CD

SUN MOON STARS RAIN by Norman Meehan

Delicate, spacious, melodic music of rare beauty. Settings of poems by E.E. Cummings by pianist Norman Meehan. With Colin Hemmingsen (reeds), Nick van Dijk (trumpet), Hannah Griffin (vocals).
"Using a carefully chosen palette of solo instrumental colors to complement the sublime vocals of Hannah Griffin, Norman Meehan has created a series of stunning settings for the poetry of E.E. Cummings. An outstanding production on every level." - Mike Nock MORE


ECSTASY by Besser and Bravura

World music ensemble Bravura explore the joy, pain and ecstasy of love in a suite inspired by Sufi poet, Jalal al-Din Rumi.
"Brilliant, restful, enchanting, moody, raucous, sweet and romantic. It's like Rumi and Hafiz got together for a stroll and ended up in a cafe where they started with figs and ended with plum brandy." Tom Ives MORE

Garden CD small

THE GARDEN by Ross Hill

Classical guitar with a difference. While drawing on classical, jazz, folk, Spanish, Renaissance and Middle Eastern musical styles, Ross has filtered them through a unique sensibility to produce uncluttered compositions that are musically sophisticated, yet remain atmospheric, emotionally direct, and very engaging. This is gentle, captivating music. MORE

Emerald CD small

EMERALD by Peter Haeder

Melodic layered guitars transport classical, flamenco and jazz guitar into a higher realm.
"Fire-side melodies which are as enchanting as they are interesting. Think Julian Bream rather than massage music in other words - although these tunes are certainly also restful." Graham Reid, Elsewhere MORE


Attar Books explore aspects of contemporary and ancient spirituality, using a rational, non-secular approach to spiritual issues and practices.

Guided Healing

GUIDED HEALING by Peter Calvert

This is a ground-breaking book that needs to be read by all seekers who wish to explore the spiritual basis of their own existence.

Using concepts drawn from science and contemporary culture, Guided Healing explores our spiritual purpose. Issues covered include the relationship between the spiritual and physical realms, the reason for incarnation, the use of meditation as a means of exploring the spiritual realm, the significance of soul work, how to become a conduit for healing energy that emanates from the spiritual realm, the nature of spiritual perception, and factors which enhance or hinder energy flow during the act of healing.


Selected Poems of Mirabai and Kabir by Keith Hill

India's two greatest Medieval poets, Mirabai and Kabir, are among the finest mystic poets in all world literature. Wild and passionate, intense and extraordinary, Mirabai directed all the fiery eroticism of her love towards Krishna. Witty, a straight talker, and always his own man, Kabir was an illiterate weaver whose vision embraced both Indian and Sufi spirituality.

Brilliantly translated into poems that reflect the traditional forms in which Mirabai and Kabir worked, this selection will enchant readers with poetry that remains vital and fresh five centuries after it was originally produced.

Bhagavad Gita cover

A New Poetic Version by Keith Hill

On the battlefield of life, desiring to do our best both practically and spiritually, how should we act? Which attitudes should we adopt? What philosophy should we practise? And how may awareness of both God and our own spiritual self be sustained in the whirl of everyday action?

This translation makes the Gita accessible to Westerners approaching one of the world's greatest spiritual texts for the first time - or for those who have read it previously, but struggled to comprehend its complexity. Written in easily read blank verse, it includes extensive notes that fill in the background on the Gita's numerous mythological references.


A Journey into the Mystery of the Spirit by Keith Hill

A sequence of poems which tells the story of an exile in Babylon who escapes to find his lost beloved in the worlderness.

"Beautifully produced book of writing inspired by the original Hebrew poetry of the Psalms and Songs of Songs. Hill’s poetry refreshes the meaning of ancient works while also relating age-old struggles to the present day. Much here to consider and enjoy." - Raewyn Alexander, Magazine "Keith Hill writes authentically of exile and return, alienation and  redemption. He has been there and back, and can be a guide to many. If you are lost and in the dark, this book may just be a candle of illumination." - Rabbi Rami Shapiro (USA) MORE



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